Work in USA

Apply to Work and Live in USA

All applicants who wants to work and live in USA should submit the following requirements to our office.
1. Scan copy of Passport (Data Page)
2. Fee of 3,000 GHC (which covers Visa Application, Processing & registration fee)
3. Two passport picture with white background
Note: After registration,  Your Visa application process will start immediately and it will take a period of 3-4 months to prepare and secure all required Visa supporting documents which includes; Offer letter, Bank statement, prove of accommodation, and other necessary documents.
As soon as the documents are ready we will call you to our office to come and review your documents before submission at the Embassy.
In a case of Visa refusal or denial, we will appeal and re-apply on your behalf without any other payment but if you decide to discontinue, we will refund your payment 100%.

Fees and payment procedure

Total amount for USA package is 21,700 GHC.

This offer includes accommodation, flight and travel health insurance.

You are only required to pay 3,000 GHC for the entire process, The remaining balance of 18,700 Ghc will be paid 3 months after you arrive and have completed your probational period.  30% will be deducted from your monthly salary until your payment is complete.


Available Jobs

All available Jobs are odd jobs . Example: Working in the factory, cleaning or handling of equipment's, nanny services, Bar/Restaurant attendants and sale personnel's.
We do not offer any professional office related jobs.



Salary ranges from $10 per hour , $13  per hour, $15 per hour, $17 per hour, $20 per hour

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